Help Please 😭 Mirena advice x

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MrsGxx Tue 18-Feb-20 19:55:31

Hey x im needing some advice If anybody can give me some I’d be so greatful and I will make an appointment with my GP
I have the Mirena I’ve had it just over 5 years and was supposed to come out in Oct 2019. My gp’s don’t do this and I’m not sure where I am supposed to go. I’m wondering if it’s normal to have the same symptoms as when I had it put in. Sore back, achy, stomach cramps, feeling hot and sicky and quite gassy too (sorry tmi) easing with a hot water bottle and Some ibuprofen. I have just also finished a course of antibiotics for a UTI today not sure if this has anything to do with it x I’ve bought myself to bed, but it’s my little ones birthday tomorrow and I really don’t want to have these cramps and feel this way 😞😔 x

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Jenala Tue 18-Feb-20 19:59:07

Have you been having sex since October 2019? There's a real risk of pregnancy if so which can be dangerous with a mirena in place. Secondly, once you're past the expiry date there is a higher risk of infection.

Your local genito-urinary clinic will remove them. In my area they are called icash clinics in other areas they are called GUM clinics. If you Google your town + gum clinic you will find it. Please ring them first thing. They'll get it out and rule out pregnancy and infection too.

Jenala Tue 18-Feb-20 20:00:23

I'm worried feeling hot and sick and achy means you have an infection. Why did you leave it in or not ask the doctors where you should go if they don't remove it?

MrsGxx Tue 18-Feb-20 20:04:14

Thankyou for replying. I have had pregnancy ruled out already this weekend when I went to my local walk in for a UTI. They did a pregnancy test, and gave me antibiotics for a UTI.
My GP said they don’t know where I can go to have it out but they just don’t do it, and I had it put in when I was in surgery in hospital. I have just googled your recommendation and there’s actually one 15 minutes away from my house so I will be phoning first thing tomorrow.

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Jenala Tue 18-Feb-20 20:09:49

Good luck. Mine are brilliant, my mirena started to fall out recently and they removed it and put a new one in within minutes. They are so used to dealing with them they tend to be very experienced. The lady who did mine said she does about 20 a week whereas many GPs apparently might only put in 3 a year. Hopefully the UTI antibiotics will also help if you do have an infection.

MrsGxx Tue 18-Feb-20 20:21:01

@Jenala Thankyou for your advice. I think we are changing doctor surgery’s I am new to my area also, and we have figured we don’t like this GP. They don’t seem to know anything.
I will definitely call them first thing and get it out. I’m not sure I want another one, I would like to try something else I’m just not sure what, I can’t have the pill either because of clotting issues. I’m hoping some of the pain is also from the UTI but feel like maybe that should have gone now as I have just taken my last antibiotic I have been on them 3 days x

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