Spotting - not pregnant and not period

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Faraway20 Thu 20-Feb-20 19:18:19

Thanks for reply Rosecat. The spotting only lasted one day then stopped so I haven't booked a gp app this time. If it happens again I will.

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Rosecat22 Wed 19-Feb-20 14:08:57

Go to the docs though, for your own piece of mind. There are many things that can cause it (polyps, cervical erosion, BV, even just wanky hormones)

Rosecat22 Wed 19-Feb-20 14:08:04

Is it possible you're ovulating? I get anything from no bleeding at all to 3 days of pink discharge around ovulation time. It started quite out of the blue about 7 months ago.

Faraway20 Mon 17-Feb-20 16:18:35

Hi, this morning when I went to the toilet and wiped there was quite a lot of pink blood. This has got less each time I've checked throughout today.

I have been on the depo for 11 years and never had any kind of bleeding at all in this time so I'm a bit worried about this.

I shouldn't be pregnant either, depo up to date and had the most recent one last week.

Is this worth speaking to the gp about or is it quite common for other people?

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