What might cause bleeding/spotting with constant cramps at end of period?

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whatsthatnow74 Sun 09-Feb-20 16:46:52


I've posted about this elsewhere, but I can't seem to find any answers and I'm starting to worry.

I'm 45 and have had normal periods until now. Cycles fairly short (around 24/25 days average) and bleeding for around 4-5 days, medium flow etc...
This time, it AF started normally and seemed to come to an end normally, but then a day or so after I thought it had finished, I started bleeding again, fresh, red blood at first, quite light and a bit of cramping. That stopped again around day 9 and I thought I was done, but started again on day 10 with brown spotting/discharge and constant lower abdominal cramping. It's now day 12 and no change. Brown smear when I wipe, stringy and snot like first thing, and this ongoing cramping. Any ideas please?

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