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melissa123456 Sat 08-Feb-20 22:33:00


I will start from the beginning

I had a big amount of antibiotics months ago and after that I had unbelievable amount of anxiety and stress that I started having tummy troubles ie heartburn discharge in stool! I cut out a lot of food and then I got tonsillitis and it all just went away! However 6 months later my son got gastrointeritis and couple of day later I had a bad tummy! Really bad pain at the top of my stomach and the day after I had yellow watery Diarrhea the same as him, so I figured I caught his bug but after that the heartburn started again and the constant need to burp but it’s trapped and I have to wiggle all around to get myself to burp an it gives temporary relief I can’t eat because I’m so bloated most of the time! I take a small bite of food and I feel full gassy and bloated strait away! I’m loosing weight as I'm scared and I have no idea what to eat! Please help me I don’t know what to do!! My doctor want to send me for and endoscopy and look for colitis! Could it be sibo?help

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