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Mewbookitty Fri 07-Feb-20 10:26:37

Hi all, so I'm 9 weeks postpartum and pretty much the first week after giving birth I started feeling super spaced out I put it down just to being sleep deprived etc and it sort of eased off however the past two weeks it feels worse, almost like a drunk feeling every day. I do suffer with my sinuses getting pressure and pain so I put it down to that.
However, I've been getting shakey too especially in the mornings but last night I got it when I felt particulaly tired and cold. Twice I've felt like I'm going to faint, once when I got out of bed. On the day of my labour I nearly fainted twice also and I'm not a fainter!
The doctor prescribed me cinnarizine for the vertigo which I've taken for a day and it's not really done anything to help and I'm waiting on a blood test to test my iron levels and thyroid function.
Has anyone experienced anything similar? I'm getting quite anxious it could be something serious as I don't feel myself at all!

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SpongeBobJudgeyPants Fri 07-Feb-20 10:28:52

Some of your symtoms are what I've had when I've been anemic. Iron has sorted it out. It's quite weird that something basic like that produces such extreme symptoms for me, IMHO. Can you take some over the counter iron tablets in the meanwhile?

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Fri 07-Feb-20 10:30:33

Also, is your blood pressure ok? Maybe some of that could be low blood pressure, and maybe low blood sugar? Are you eating ok? <disclaimer. No medical training beyond St John's ambulance>

EL0ISE Fri 07-Feb-20 16:51:38

Please try not to get anxious. It’s really unlikely to be anything serious as you have had all that medial care during pregnancy and birth, they would have spotted anything really bad like your heart.

I have slightly low blood pressure and sometimes get dizzy when I stand up quickly. I’ve just learned to take my time and sit before I stand.

If it’s your thyroid it can be treated really easily with meds.

I know it’s hard not to worry when you have a newborn and you are tired and stressed and adjusting to a whole new life flowers. Everyone expects you to be over the moon and a lot of new mums just feel exhausted, numb or resentful.

Mewbookitty Fri 07-Feb-20 20:51:12

@SpongeBobJudgeyPants @EL0ISE thank you for the reassuring words, I never really thought of it like that and the fact it started after giving birth too. My blood pressure has always been on the lower side typically 100/60 and blood sugars are normally fine. I have however like I said been feeling anxious about my health as the drunk feeling is there everyday and the new responsibilities of being a parent so I don't think that helps the feeling. I'm really trying to enjoy my little boy but because of the spaced out feeling sometimes I feel so detached like I'm in a dream!

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Elieza Sat 08-Feb-20 10:29:40

Get down to your GP and get checked out. Nobody should have to feel that crap. Congrats on the little one.

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