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Farzana31 Sat 11-Jan-20 22:30:49

There is but you have to book in via gp so will have to wait till Monday I rung early pregnancy unit they said it sounds normal implantation bleeding varies for every woman to wait and see how bleeding goes and book in with gp the bleeding and clots stopped very quickly after it's just gone back into light peachy pink spotting now and then when I wipe just so stressful waiting till monday:/ thought I've been seeing extremly faint lines all week nothing but today faint line then did another again same then waited few hours got darker positive line!

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GoldLeafTree Sat 11-Jan-20 18:58:19

Oh OP sad do you have an early pregnancy unit near you? They work like an A+E for pregnancy, usually you can just turn up if you have bleeding or abdominal pain.

Thinking of you

Ash19 Sat 11-Jan-20 18:37:41

I don't know what to say but couldn't just read and not reply. Your bleed on 27th might of been implantation. So sorry you have passed a clot. I did bleed with our little girl around 6 weeks and went on to have normal pregnancy. Have also had MC and struggled for years to get pregnant. Your head must be all over the place. Is there an early pregnancy unit near you

Farzana31 Sat 11-Jan-20 16:23:19

Just had two faint positive tests so panicked cause of the bleeding:/

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Farzana31 Fri 10-Jan-20 23:05:30

No I haven't I assumed because of the light on and off spotting and this clot today there is no chancesad

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GoldLeafTree Fri 10-Jan-20 22:51:25

Have you done any pregnancy tests recently, between 27th Dec and now?

Farzana31 Fri 10-Jan-20 22:47:28

We have been trying to conceive after recurrent early miscarriages, I dont understand how it could be a early period if my period just finished on the 31st, the spotting started on 6th and hasn't really been noticeable then out of no where this clot appears when I wiped I have never had two periods in one month

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autumnboys Fri 10-Jan-20 22:35:59

I’d say see the GP, too. I am peri-menopausal and my periods have started to do slightly weird things, but cramps and a clot mid cycle are probably worth investigating.

AsleepAllDay Fri 10-Jan-20 22:33:32

Have you ever had two periods in a month? Taken birth control irregularly? Could be a cycle that has been pushed up by extreme stress/birth control?

Have you been having unprotected sex? If you haven't it could just be an early period that's a bit heavy?

Inexperiencedchick Fri 10-Jan-20 22:31:01

Perhaps see a doctor as quick as possible? Better to get checked. 💐

LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 10-Jan-20 22:10:08

We're just moving this over to Women's health, editing the title and giving it a bump for the OP!

Farzana31 Fri 10-Jan-20 21:49:33


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Farzana31 Fri 10-Jan-20 21:00:38

Had a 'period on 27th December - 31st December, according to all my tracking apps I ovulated not long after from the 6th to today I've been spotting most of these days barely anything worth wondering about as it was just brown old blood or extremly light peachy pink yesterday it was a dark red but still really light now sudden cramp and really red blood and this large clot comes out. What's happening?!

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