Menstrual cup help!

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PearlHeart Wed 08-Jan-20 22:17:39

Hi lovely ladies,

I'm struggling with the mind field that is menstrual cups! I am 28 this year and not had any children (vaginally or via c-section) been trying for 10 years and into double figure losses! I know having children & age is usually needed for sizing!

I previously purchased 2 low priced ones from eBay to try out to see if I could manage them and get a feel for them before spending £15-30 on one and failing miserably.

Here comes my issue and it's TMI I'm sorry just could do with recommendations on cups that are not overly expensive and easy to use!

I can Insert easily and it seems to be in place on. Here's the issue I can press in the bottom to break the seal and pull down to remove but it causes a stinging stretching feeling pulling it out!
I don't know if it's cause I don't pull at an angle or wiggle it out that it hurts! It's not internal it's as the cup is coming out so to speak

Please help if you can, sorry for the huge post!

Thank you 💜

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Aloe6 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:21:42

TMI but I have the same problem. I bought one years ago but gave up using it as found it too painful. I think it’s the size. I’ve considered trying a brand that’s made of a softer material so it’s not so rigid to get out but no idea if it would be any better.

PearlHeart Wed 08-Jan-20 22:36:09

I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

I have looked up so many help pages etc and it's mainly pain pulling out due to not breaking the seal and it creating a vacuum and pulling and causing pressure so to speak!
It's issue with the stem being too long/ hard so has to be trimmed!

I'm really hoping to get some help that could make things easier for us both! I really like the idea of changing less often and as I don't like tampons thought it's a great alternative so to speak!


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applepineapple Wed 08-Jan-20 23:09:52

I switched from Mooncup to Saalt and it's fantastic, wish I'd done it sooner! Really easy to fit and remove and I can't feel it inside at all. It's a very soft silicone as opposed to the Mooncup which was more rigid and uncomfortable

june2007 Wed 08-Jan-20 23:17:50

Do you know if it is a hard or soft cup? Perhaps a soft cup or smaller cup might help. There is a kind of questionair think it,s called "put a cup in it"which may help. I have a diva which is rather large Albeit I have to post preg one. It doesn,t sound like the stalk is a prob but some cut this off but I would worry about getting it ou then,.

PearlHeart Thu 09-Jan-20 00:13:50

Yeah the 2 I have are quite firm they were the smaller option for not having children and for my age if that makes any sense!

The stem / ring pull etc are fine and I also would worry cutting them that they would be hard to get out!

I think I may have to try a soft one or rather softer than I have!

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PearlHeart Thu 09-Jan-20 17:33:04

Don't know if it helps but I couldn't get my fingers around the cup without pain to break the seal.
I had to sort of press in the bottom with one finger to break the seal!
Before pulling out/ beating down!

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june2007 Sat 11-Jan-20 01:10:06

Yes I press on the side to break the seal.

Divebar Sat 11-Jan-20 01:17:02

I watched a video on you tube that shows you ( she used a menstrual cup in a champagne glass.... very classy). As previously said you push you finger down the side of the cup and push it inwards to break the seal at the rim. You can kind of tell when this has happened. Obviously this is easier to do if you’ve pushed the cup downwards first with your vaginal muscles so you don’t have to far to reach ( no James Herriot moves necessary). Good luck.

IncrediblySadToo Sat 11-Jan-20 01:33:28

I never tried them because I have short arms and I’m overweight and I’m cack handed- they seemed like a recipe for disaster for me!

Too late now.

But from what I’ve read in here it seems like the way to release them/get them out is to put some pressure on the outside (gently squeeze or poke) so that the seal is broken before pulling it down and it sounded preferable/easier than trying to get your finger between you and the rim

Maybe try it in a champagne glass.

If I was still having periods- I’d give a soft one a go.

GlamGiraffe Sat 11-Jan-20 01:38:26

It sound like it's too big for you. Maybe try one that's made of a softer material or just one with a smaller diameter.
I bought my first mooncup using the original sizing instructions and had the same issue, it was too big. Mooncup suggested a smaller one and sent one, it made all the difference. I'm now converted to it. It's a few mm but makes an enormous difference. There are charts online so maybe you can compare the shape and measurements of yours with those on the charts.

PearlHeart Sun 12-Jan-20 16:50:03

Thank you for all your helpful replies, I will look into sizing and one made of a softer material and hopefully things work out!

@Incrediblysadtoo: I have short arms and overweight thanks to large variety health issues and a love of carbs 😂😂from what I have seen they may not be too difficult! I just think if I can get one that works it may make activities like swimming etc easier as tampons really don't agree with me and leave me dry/sore so I'm stuck with pads!


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IncrediblySadToo Mon 13-Jan-20 12:06:53

Yes, I would try one now if I wasn’t past the point of needing it more than 1-2 times a year.

I hope it works out for you, without too much expense finding the right one for you! Most of the companies seem good about sending a different size if the original one isn’t right. Good PR!

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