Premature menopause/POI possibility

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BeyondFlubeInclusionaryRF Sun 05-Jan-20 17:06:42

Hello smile

I've posted before about the possibility of premature menopause. I just turned 34, my mum was 36 when her periods started to disappear and they were completely gone by 40. Having always been very reliable (light since DC and always 24 days long), they have in the last say eight months gone dolally - varying between 15 and 36 days, and lots of spotting - at one point I bled for 21 days in a row, this was when I saw the GP. She tested my thyroid and FSH (I do believe) and said all results are "normal" (I don't know the actual numbers, bloods were taken on day 8 at a guess - as I was spotting continually for ages).

As well as my periods going weird, I have been having major hot flushes and cold sweats all of the time, sore boobs, and my migraines that I haven't had since before DC have returned with a vengeance. It's hard for me to comment on my moods as they are fairly variable anyway (already on ADs) but DP says they are worse.

I have an autoimmune disease which I know - along with the family history - makes me vulnerable to POI. So along with keeping track of everything, I will be making some health related changes to rule them out. Losing weight for one, as it has piled on in the last year!

I was wondering what health tweaks you would recommend to help me cope while I continue to keep track of everything? Or any other help you can recommend if my bloods continue to be normal?

Thank you

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JinglingHellsBells Mon 06-Jan-20 08:58:14

have a look at the website of The Daisy Network.

This has been set up by meno specialists at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

You can read the info on the site and you can also ask your GP to refer you there. It may be a journey if you don't like in London, but it would be worth it.

Good luck.

JinglingHellsBells Mon 06-Jan-20 08:58:31

like= live in London!

BeyondFlubeInclusionaryRF Mon 06-Jan-20 16:54:57

Thank you jingling, I'm a good distance from London but it's useful to know there are specialists I can get a referral to.

I've also found that a private hospital near me has the same meno specialist on staff as an nhs referral would send me to. So there's a possibility there too, if it comes to that.

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BeyondFlubeInclusionaryRF Mon 06-Jan-20 16:56:38

Has another thought - wondered if there is any use speaking to any of the other specialists I'm under about this? I have a rheumatologist for the AI issue, and a gynae from a prolapse.

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LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 12-Jan-20 13:55:28

We're just moving this thread over to women's health for the OP. flowers

BeyondFlubeInclusionaryRF Sun 12-Jan-20 20:40:20

Thank you Lily flowers

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BeyondFlubeInclusionaryRF Sun 19-Jan-20 21:39:40

Bump smile

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