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amyjayne19 Sat 04-Jan-20 10:27:46

Hi, I’m 28 & have a son turning 2 in March.
Just yesterday I took a positive pregnancy test in work I just knew I was pregnant from the way I was feeling pain, nausea & tiredness I really know my body as I've gotten older. I wasn't happy seeing them 2 lines in fact I was distraught in the toilet at work cause I took the morning after pill nearly 5 weeks ago this is something that I tried to avoid. From a spare of the moment thing, having unprotected sex ONCE in more than a couple of months. I have spoken to my best friend and partner who was as shocked as me, but both said they would support my decision I think they could see I wasn't happy. We both work full time & struggle with things as it is, childcare etc working running a home it's been a rollercoaster the past few years ups & downs like most couples I think, we've been together almost 12 years! Our son is our world all our effort, time & money goes into raising him. The thought of being heavily pregnant with a toddler scares the living shit out of me, something I'm not cut out for. I think I am pro choice, especially nowadays but it's so different when the shoe is on your foot. I feel so lucky to be able to conceive but so ungrateful at the same time. We always said we wouldn't rule out another in our 30's & I know people say there is never a right time but I disagree. It definitely isn't a happy shock like 2 years ago! I really wish this didn't have to happen & have spent all night wishing it was a nightmare! How sad! Thank you ladies

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Cinderella25 Sat 04-Jan-20 20:05:01

I’m am in the same boat. Just found out I am pregnant, I am 28 and have an 18 month old.

I struggle with just one so I know I will suffer a lot with 2 and my mental health will deteriorate. I am still in pain from my first and believe another child will cause further damage to my body.

You have to do what you feel is right for you at this time. Whether it is keep or terminate the choice is yours and nobody else’s decision.

I know mine. Good luck.

Amy9118 Sun 05-Jan-20 08:04:16

Thanks for your reply & good luck to you! I feel worse as the days go on physically & mentally, that's why I had to post something on here! For me both decisions are horrible but I know in my heart what the right thing to do is, however painful.

Cinderella25 Sun 05-Jan-20 11:12:19

I don’t think anybody wants a termination but sometimes women need them.

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