possible kidney infection?

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isquishedit Wed 01-Jan-20 20:58:42

@NotMoreFootball I saw that on google and panicked until I realised I dont have an appendix lol! Thank you, I have just called 111 just in case, as im not too worried of UTI or kidney infection as I know that's very unpleasant but nothing to worry about but I thought it's silly to leave it if it is something else, feel like such a drama queen lol

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NotMoreFootball Wed 01-Jan-20 20:49:47

I had the same symptoms and it turned out to be appendicitis. Please seek medical advice, it can turn very nasty, very quickly

isquishedit Wed 01-Jan-20 20:47:59

@SeaToSki thank you for your response.

I don't have a temp
It doesn't move around, its like a pressure, heavy sort of pain in lower abdomen with occasional shooting pain, and then an achey pain in my back. Its there all the time but no where near as bad when I sit down.

No chest problems thankfully.

and no unusual movements accidents etc.

I will def call gp first thing to get an appt, thank you for your advice.

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isquishedit Wed 01-Jan-20 20:44:10

@newyeardelurker thanks for your reply. Don't have any of that yet, but do feel pretty lethargic and don't have much of an appetite. I did think about calling 111 but thought they will probably try and send me to ooh which will be a pain as I would have to drag my 4yo out of bed and I also don't drive lol but I def will if it gets worse

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isquishedit Wed 01-Jan-20 20:41:19

@Dontknownow86 thank you for your reply, def not constipated I did wonder that myself earlier. I started getting backache last night, and has just got worse throughout the day. I seem to be okay as long as I don't get up but so painful to walk. Will keep an eye out for the fever etc thank you

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SeaToSki Wed 01-Jan-20 19:28:52

Do you have a temperature?

Is it consistently in one spot or does it move around a bit

Do you have any chest pain, pressure, burning or shortness of breath

Have you done any unusual lifting, twisting or exercising recently or fallen

It might be a kidney infection, yes to question 1 increases the chances

It might be an appendix or an ovarian cyst, yes to question 2 increases the chances

It might be pulled muscles, yes to question 4 increases the chances

It might be women’s symptoms of a heart problem (often v different to mens symptoms), yes to question 3 increases the chances

So there are so many very different things it could be, you should see a doctor tomorrow and call for medical advice today if it worsens or you get any of the other symptoms I mentioned in my questions

newyeardelurker Wed 01-Jan-20 19:19:13

Similar experience to dontknow with a kidney infection. Also had constipation, loss of appetite, then chills then fever. When mine took hold I got poorly very quickly so do get to the gp asap. I'm no medic but there are other causes of abdominal pain so consider 111 for advice.


Dontknownow86 Wed 01-Jan-20 18:56:47

Kidney infection I had wad increasingly bad backache. I did wonder if i was constipated before the vomiting and fever kicked in. If you have a kidney infection you'll feel like death warmed up before long. I got this on an Easter weekend so went to a walk in if it does get really bad.

isquishedit Wed 01-Jan-20 18:51:31


I have pressure like pain in my lower abdomen/pelvic region, the pain is also going up my back where I would say my kidneys are. It really hurts to walk, and I thought probably a UTI or kidney infection however, I don't have any problems or pain urintating or a temp or anything.

Has anyone had anything like this before?

Tia x Drs are shut today so I will make an appt first thing

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