Breast Screening recall

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LittleLadyFooFoo Mon 23-Dec-19 15:21:06

Looking for advice or experience. I’m 52 and had my first routine breast screening 3 weeks ago. I hadn’t received results so called today. Turns out I’m being recalled as they have seen something that needs further investigation. I had a screen in March 2017 and it was clear. This was because of anxiety at the time around my lumpy boobs.
I’m worried as because of the Christmas period, I can’t get an appt till 9th January. TIS

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Floralnomad Mon 23-Dec-19 15:25:21

When I went for my first mammogram at 50 I was told loads of people get recalled after the first one because they have nothing to compare it with so any abnormalities need rechecking . The likelihood is it’s absolutely nothing to worry about .

LittleLadyFooFoo Mon 23-Dec-19 15:33:43

Thanks Flora. They will be able to compare to my 2017 screen I think

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NaturalBornWoman Mon 23-Dec-19 20:32:39

I got a recall last time, and within the same month so did my sister and my daughter's MIL. Mine was a cyst, painlessly drained on the day, my sister's was nothing at all and DDs MIL had very early signs of breast cancer which was quickly treated. I know it's terrible waiting but please bear in mind it's more likely to be nothing to worry about.

LittleLadyFooFoo Mon 23-Dec-19 20:34:49

Thanks NBW. Glad it all worked out for you and your family.
I’ve waited 3 weeks on results and due to the festive season I’ve got to wait 3 weeks on a follow up appt.

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