Endometrial ablation, tests all clear but nothing changed

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Kittp Tue 17-Dec-19 20:37:04

May 2019 I had endometrial ablation due to occasional bleeding after sex (also he took a uterine sample pre op and all was clear) . I have always had bad premenstrual symptoms mainly very sore breasts or back and neck acne for 3 weeks of the month. Now around the time my period should be due the premenstrual symptoms go and after sex I bleed only a little and then get the brown discharge sometimes. If we don't have sex around this time then nothing happens. I do not bleed after sex any other time. Being a worrier I'm panicking. Nov 2018 I had a smear and all ok before I was sterilized. Anybody else had this? I read scar tissue can alter the structure of the uterine cavity.

I need reassurance please. I'm scared as always.

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