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5 year old awake screaming about sore labia / vagina

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Indecisivelurcher Sat 07-Dec-19 23:58:35

So this is a post of desperation. My Dd 5yo is awake screaming that her labia, vagina and whole general area are hurting. This is the 4th night in a row. She's actually had a really horrible virus so the last few nights she's been that unwell that she's fallen back asleep. However now she's feeling a bit better she is properly screaming the house down. There's nothing to see. I have checked and rechecked for worms. I'm alternating Calpol and ibuprofen anyway for her visits symptoms on doctors advice so can't go there. I've tried sudocrem, makes no difference. I googled and think it could be vaginosis maybe. Also found numerous other threads on other sites describing similar symptoms but no solutions given. I spoke to the pharmacist today and she said take her to the doctor next week, may need a swab. But what could this be and what can I do in the meantime?! She's so upset!

BlueEyedFloozy Sun 08-Dec-19 00:02:25

Sounds like it could be thrush.

I had it for the first time in October and it was one of the most uncomfortable things I've had!

Lots of water and Canestan duo got rid within a few days but I'm not sure what kids would have.

Indecisivelurcher Sun 08-Dec-19 00:02:33

Oh and I'm definitely not some sort of weird troll or fetish person. Been on mn a little while now.

morriseysquif Sun 08-Dec-19 00:03:13

I'd take her into the nearest emergency care, screaming in pain is not right, could she have a uti?

Sickoffamilydrama Sun 08-Dec-19 00:05:35

It still could be worms my DD kept complaining about being sore it was only by chance I saw one. Give a dose of wormer just to be on the safe side.

Washing their labia always assumed to release the symptoms, even if it 11 at night a quick wash with the shower head with lukewarm water and a little soap.

Both our DD are finger suckers so used to get them a lot out stopped at soon as they stopped sucking their fingers.

HoppingPavlova Sun 08-Dec-19 00:06:09

If she is waking up screaming in pain she needs to be seen sooner than later.

Sickoffamilydrama Sun 08-Dec-19 00:07:03

I'm sure those spelling errors weren't there before 🤦‍♀️

SophieGiroux Sun 08-Dec-19 00:08:19

Thrush is very uncommon in girls before puberty, same reason as it's uncommon in over 60's too so I very much doubt it would be that.

NotYourHolidayDick Sun 08-Dec-19 00:08:39

I'd guess worms too. Dose of Ovex and run the poor little poppet a bath. Baths fix everything. My kids call them 'mummy's magic baths'.

Indecisivelurcher Sun 08-Dec-19 00:09:06

I got her checked for a uti on Thursday and it was clear, but the doctor sent it to the lab to run a better test.

Indecisivelurcher Sun 08-Dec-19 00:11:14

I'm just not sure about worms. She's not got any issues around her anus, it's definitely her vagina area and up. I've had multiple careful looks.

HuntIdeas Sun 08-Dec-19 00:13:27

Sorry, not much help but both my daughters had this a few times between ages of 3 and 5ish. Screaming at night with the pain but could never find anything, despite s few doctors trips and worm treatment just in case. It only ever lasted about 4-5 nights and suddenly stopped. I never worked out what caused it but I think I posted on here a couple of times!

thaegumathteth Sun 08-Dec-19 00:13:36

I'd try the wormer - what is there to lose?

Indecisivelurcher Sun 08-Dec-19 00:14:57

@HuntIdeas I think we're in the same pattern, this isn't the first episode but is the worst! Thinks I've read online sound similar. Just seems mad?! To be screaming about a sore vagina?!

woogal Sun 08-Dec-19 00:16:12

I see she's had a virus. It Could be swollen lymph glands.

I would phone nhs if calpol and neurogenic isn't working and she's screaming in pain.

IdblowJonSnow Sun 08-Dec-19 00:17:55

Who said soap?!! Definitely not!
Water will sooth it temporarily.
Does she have a temp or tummy ache?

NameChange30 Sun 08-Dec-19 00:20:21

Oatmeal baths can be soothing for vulval pain.
You can buy oatmeal bath sachets or google how to do a diy one.

Indecisivelurcher Sun 08-Dec-19 00:20:44

She's had a virus which has given her an intermittent temperature and made her very dizzy, with vomiting because of that. She's trying to go back to sleep now.

Indecisivelurcher Sun 08-Dec-19 00:21:54

She's dizzy and tired now which might actually help. Which is sad.

NameChange30 Sun 08-Dec-19 00:22:50

Also - sounds a bit crazy but apparently a moist cold tea bag can bring relief too.

(Link to prove I'm not just making these up!

Saisong Sun 08-Dec-19 00:27:30

My DD used to suffer with thrush in toddlerhood/primary age, so it may be uncommon but not unheard of. It would keep her awake/wake her at night. It did improve with age. Dr prescribed canesten.

smudgeflower Sun 08-Dec-19 00:30:41

Mine had similar and it was only when I saw a worm one day that I realised it was worms.

DustyD2 Sun 08-Dec-19 00:31:53

Thread worms, sorry to say. My daughter gets this in the same place and worming sorts it every time. They come out at night, usually about 10pm. We also give piriton to help the itching. Also wash all bed sheets, teddies etc as the eggs survive and they get them again. Worm whole family and again in 2 weeks time

Topazance Sun 08-Dec-19 00:32:36

If she wakes again in pain perhaps ring 111 for advice? Hope she gets better soon OP.

skippetyskoo Sun 08-Dec-19 00:33:52

My daughter has had this twice and it was worms. The worms were not apparent immediately and we didn’t see any in the toilet or around her anus. I saw one in her begins both times but v hard to spot. A bath helped and ovex the next day.

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