Funny discharge for months

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Hobbes2019 Fri 15-Nov-19 09:45:29

@dementedpixie I’m on Gedarel which I did change to from my other (very similar) pill in August time. It just seems abit coincidental that it’s all gotten worse since I had sex and had thrush etc. and okay interesting, I make sure my ones don’t have a scent to them so they don’t irritate me down there too.

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dementedpixie Fri 15-Nov-19 07:37:50

Do you use any contraception as that can affect discharge? I use liners every day for comfort, who says you shouldn't?

Hobbes2019 Fri 15-Nov-19 00:00:39

I have been experiencing yellow discharge for ages with a fairly strong but not awful acidic smell and been to the doctors loads of times. I have had a billion swabs for all the STD’s I can think of including trich and all come back as negative. I did have a yeast infection in the summer that took a while to go away but I’m not sure if that would have long lasting effects? When I told the doc. About my symptoms she seemed a little confused and did say that it’s possible that this is just how my discharge is but it scared me because it changed after I had sex for the first time (I believe I may have unknowingly had a yeast infection before I had sex because of symptoms that I didn’t initially recognise, and the sex may have exacerbated it?) but I’m honestly just confused. I feel discomfort and want to wear a liner every day (which I’m aware I shouldn’t) and I just feel really down. If it’s perfectly normal then I can accept that but I’m scared that I’m missing something or the doctor is? I am also a hypochondriac so overreact to everything but any help would be fantastic. Thanks

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