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Shinyshoe73 Wed 13-Nov-19 16:58:14

I’m just looking for some reassurance as I feel like I’m in a black hole. After having my first DS five years ago I suffered badly with post natal anxiety - it was all around sleep in that I couldn’t sleep so would obsess all day long about not sleeping then not sleep! Coupled with severe anxiety it was a horrible, horrible time. I was prescribed fluoxetine which seemed to help and I was Happy and off medication only for the same sleep anxiety to happen again eight months later. This time I was prescribed sertraline and had CBT and I was feeling amazing and came off sertraline in January of this year. However two weeks ago the dreaded sleep anxiety struck again and I’m locked in a miserable cycle of obsessing over sleep only to lie awake all night with a racing heart full of anxiety. I have done all of the sleep hygiene etc it’s just my anxiety over sleep keeping me awake which I can’t stop! I have been given fluoxetine and I’m on day 6 to address the anxiety as well as amytriptline at night to help sleep. The amytriptyline was helping me sleep apart from last night when I got myself in such a state that even a Zopiclone sleeping tablet couldn’t help. I feel completely miserable and can’t stop worrying that I won’t sleep. I guess I’m looking for some reassurance from anyone who has had this and got over it? I’ve been here before but I’m really struggling to believe it’s going to get better.

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