Is this normal after a Laparoscopy

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Lostoldusername Tue 12-Nov-19 11:35:34

I had a Laparoscopy 7 days ago for investigation purposes.
I have been in lots of pain but over the weekend - Sunday really I was able to move about more. Had hard to pass stools for 2 days and now it's gone the opposite way and sorry in advance but also lots of mucus there too - it doesn't smell "normal" . I was in total agony last night and anything I'm eating or drinking is going through me.
Just wondering if I need to mention it to GP or is this quite normal.
Haven't been eating much other than toast, biscuits - quite plain bland food so don't think it's likely to be something I've eaten.

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fudgesmummy Fri 15-Nov-19 14:02:42

I don’t know much about Laparoscopies but that doesn’t sound right to me. Maybe you have got an infection or picked up a bug?
Personally I think I would talk to you doctor, just for reassurance if nothing else

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