Mirena coil, spotting and cramps

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Berry56 Mon 04-Nov-19 19:58:23

So I had a Mirena fitted two and a half months ago, and have had spotting on and off ever since (as expected). Barely any cramps which is great as the Mirena is to stop cramps from endometriosis.

This week has been different though - I've had a bit of BV with odd discharge, and today I've had really bad cramps, unlike any other period pain I've ever had and feeling like it's actually my cervix cramping.

I also seem to be spotting and cramping after bowel movements. Not like a proper period, as it's literally just for 5-10 mins afterwards.

Thinking it might be something muscular/cervix related, but maybe linked to the Mirena... very confused though!! Have a doctors appointment next week, but worrying in the meantime!

Anyone else had anything similar/got any advice?!

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