Ovarian Cysts

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PaulineDe Fri 25-Oct-19 08:59:24

Thank you @catnidge I just replied to you on the other post I hope your op went well

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catnidge Fri 25-Oct-19 05:33:38

Hi pauline
Sorry to hear this.
I've posted on the other ovarian cyst thread as well.
You could join us on the large hyserrectomy thread or on general health there is a cancer support thread. The thread is for people undergoing tests not just those diagnosed with cancer.
I'm on both.

PaulineDe Thu 24-Oct-19 23:36:54

Today I went for an ultrasound as I was having a lot of symptoms which sounded like fibroids. Swollen stomach to point of looking pregnant and a lot of pain. Anyway when the ultrasound was done the sonographer spoke to a doctor at the hospital and told me I had to go straight to see my own GP. The upshot is that it’s not fibroids. My GP said although not certain it looks like ovarian cysts it could be cancer it may not he just doesn’t know. He took blood and I have to get more tests done at the hospital. I’m terrified. I’ve done abit of research but my symptoms seem to be common in both ovarian cancer and non cancerous cysts I’m on tender hooks until I know one way or the other. Does anyone have similar experience to this? I can’t help thinking the worst because I feel sonographers are used to seeing this type of thing and that I was told to go straight to my GP the likelihood is it being cancer. Any experiences would be gratefully appreciated.

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