Expanding uterus

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Cairnzy Tue 22-Oct-19 18:36:40

Saw a gynaecologist last week who told me that my bladder issues and expanding waist are not in fact due to menopause, but rather my uterus is the size of a 5 months pregnancy!
I'm 54, and have had irregular periods for 2 years. Now I'm thinking that the "periods" might have been bleeds. I'm also rather "chunky", and im mortified that I didn't realise that I've got a huge mass in my abdomen (his words).
The doctor said that I have fibroids, which I knew from an ultrasound 6 years ago, and that I need to have an mri or ct scan to make a proper diagnosis.
But I thought fibroids decrease in size at menopause??
I am of course panicking now, as dr Google has suggested all sorts.
Has anyone else my age had similar issues with fibroids??

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Cairnzy Wed 23-Oct-19 23:05:41


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