Recurring UTI & thrush - end of my tether

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jennyfin Wed 16-Oct-19 00:23:59

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone has been having same symptoms and can give me some advice/ positive words 😩

A couple of months ago I had 5 weeks where I was constantly on antibiotics due to recurring water infections, blood in urine etc. Would clear up after the course, and maximum 2 days later would return with a vengeance. Due to being on antibiotics (or so I thought!) I then developed thrush, and this has been a whole new saga.

I had ultrasound etc for the UTI and everything came back clear. I’ve now developed thrush again but omg it’s 10 x worse. The blood is also visible in urine and (TMI) looks rather clumpy.

I am freaking out and trying to get a drs appointment to no avail. Anyone had anything similar? Just worrying it’s something more sinister at play... ☹️

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Bexi3 Wed 16-Oct-19 00:36:46

I had this when I was a teenager. It was a cycle of of thrush, cystitis, uti then period and it was constant loop of feeling really rough. Eventually I was prescribed low dose antibiotics for 6 months or so and at some point they stopped.
My daughter has experienced similar frequent uti's for over 2 years which came back as soon as they went. They initially said she had a kidney stone, but a CT scan confirmed this was not the case. They prescribed a low dose antibiotic one to be taken on the first day of her period and when she has sex. So far it's been about 4 months without an infection.
I would press for a referral to a urologist.

Bpink93 Wed 16-Oct-19 13:08:20

Hi I had the same symptoms for 10 years but am completely cured now. Long story short I needed my urethral expanded under a general anaesthetic. The small urethra was somehow missed on several occasions even though i had cameras up it! Thrush I found did vary a lot depending on contraception methods and sexual activity and massively by years of antibiotics. Since having my son Iv not had either I’m guessing helped by not taking any contraceptives and having a catheter probably stretched it a bit aswell. Good luck

jennyfin Thu 17-Oct-19 03:24:32

Thank you both for your responses - definitely going to need a chat with my doctor about my options going forward. Just sounds so pathetic when I call saying I need an appointment due to thrush! But needed.

Another night I’ve been woken up with the need to itch blush, I really thought earlier that I was beginning to see the last of it.

Thank you again. smile

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