Rotten smell?

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TrickortreaT2 Tue 08-Oct-19 17:26:01

Sorry ladies this might be a bit gross but i need some anwsers.. im hoping some here can help me

So ive just had a miscarriage last week and yesterday i stopped bleeding.

Today down below (vagina) smells really rotten, fishy and a hint of copper. The smells quite strong! And im finding it quite offensive. It wont go away ive even washed myself.

Is it normal for it to smell down below after miscarriage? Please someone give me an answer x

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mummagirl Tue 08-Oct-19 17:28:48

I think possible infection. Would speak to a health professional though

loutypips Tue 08-Oct-19 17:39:14

Hmm think you should get yourself to the doctor as you may have an infection.

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