Underactive thyroid

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Whatusernamecanihave Wed 02-Oct-19 13:00:51

Afternoon everyone, those with a thyroid issue what levels were yours when you begun medication? I've just had my results back from medicheck I sent off a sample to check my thyroid due to family history and other symptoms which point to a thyroid problem the results show my TSH values as 8.74 which I can see is high but do you think it's worth a visit to the doctor for them to do a test or shall I wait and re test with medicheck in 3 months times? Don't want to waste the drs time :/

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CrumpleHornedSnowcack Wed 02-Oct-19 13:02:47

just go to the doctor, it's very straight forward. Can't help with levels though sorry - I have no idea what mine are/were

7Worfs Wed 02-Oct-19 13:11:48

Go to your GP, they’ll very likely order more tests and prescribe medication.

welshmumofboys Wed 02-Oct-19 13:14:32

I think each doctor is different. I would go to the gp as even if they don't medicate straight away they can then keep an eye on your levels. Mine medicate at anything over 10.

Dalooah Wed 02-Oct-19 13:17:49

If you think you have underacrive thyroid symptoms- please push for the drs to test and give you medication. It's not all about test results. You may find that taking a little something will help!

Dalooah Wed 02-Oct-19 13:18:49

Oh. And if you're considering TTC its would be in everyone's interest to make sure your thyroid levels are doing well!

7Worfs Wed 02-Oct-19 13:20:39

10 shock that is so high I’d be a fatigued mess unable to get out of bed.
After living with Hashimoto’s for 20 years I’ve found I feel best at 1-2

7Worfs Wed 02-Oct-19 13:22:24

What @Dalooah said. My consultant wanted my levels at 1 throughout the pregnancy. I also needed a higher daily dose from pretty much conception

Jenda Wed 02-Oct-19 13:22:28

I was 25 at diagnosis. No wonder I felt hideous. "Optimum" levels are -3 to 3 I think or thereabouts so definitely worth going to dr

Whatusernamecanihave Wed 02-Oct-19 15:24:49

Thank you everyone for your replies think I'll ring in the mornings and get an appointment 👍 @Dalooah definitely not ttc I have 4 children so I'm done lol i put the tiredness down to them at first but it seems to be getting worse and they are better now than they were as babys so that doesn't add up to and it's not just tired these days it is 8 hours sleep and waking up feeling like moving my arms to lift a kettle is effort kind of tired! Anyway hopefully I wont feel like a zombie for much longer. Have a good afternoon everyone thank you again x

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Ellapaella Wed 02-Oct-19 15:26:08

My TSH was a little higher than yours and my Free T4 was on the lower end of normal. I've had no symptoms so am not being tested but am being monitored every 3 months. Mine was only picked up as I had routine bloods for another reason.

Ellapaella Wed 02-Oct-19 15:26:45

Not being treated that was meant to say

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