Hormonal neck hair

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NotPawPatrolAgain Sun 29-Sep-19 10:51:38

Looking for a bit of advice please!
I have PCOS, have done for years. Since having my child, my hormones hav gone haywire and over the last year have developed neck hair, some fine blond and dark, but also thick black one's, that I pluck every day, in a little patch. My gp has told me to lose weight by cutting out sugar to get my insulin under control, all good, I can do that, have done it before. My question is, does sticking to a low carb diet help with the hair? I need to get fit too so planning on having a lifestyle overhaul. I have also been prescribed Metformin, but have yet to collect the prescription. Is this likely to help? I do not want to go on hormonal contraception. I will start electrolysis in the new year, but ideally want to aim to treat and manage the cause rather than just the symptoms.
Has anyone else had this and had things improve?

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