1 year on from implant removal (Nexplanon)

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cheeseandpickle247 Thu 26-Sep-19 09:05:53

Hi. I had my implant removed a year ago, as it was causing me to have spotting everyday and made me feel quite bad mentally.

Anyway, I thought my periods would regulate now but they’re still weird. I used to have really heavy, long periods and a 28 day cycle. I now have periods that vary from orange to coral and look watery and light, and my cycles are a bit irregular.

I have taken OPKs and am getting positives monthly anywhere from day 12-16.

I also used to just get bad cramps, now I get bad cramps, but before my periods in the last 2 cycles my boobs are in agony for about a week.

Will my cycle ever go back to how it was? I miss my heavy periods tbh because now I’m TTC the light periods make me do that stupid thing where I get them, then think “oh they were light maybe it was implantation bleeding” every bloody time 🤦🏻‍♀️

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