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MummyKnipe Tue 24-Sep-19 18:09:49

I'm 30, and I'm scared.
I'm being referred the breast clinic.
I found a rash on my right boob, come out it really hurt under my armpit was sore and everything. Been to the doctor I was given antibiotics to see if it went away. The pain is getting worse. It even hurts to wear a bra or loose clothes.
I've also been referred because my Nanny has just got outcome breast cancer.

I'm so scared.

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Minxmumma Tue 24-Sep-19 22:14:53

@MummyKnipe, as scary as this is right now (and believe me when I say I know it sucks), the breast clinic will give you definative answers and put you on a treatment plan as necessary.

Please remember that a breast cancer diagnosis (which is the worst case scenario) isn't always or often a death sentence although right now Dr Google will be giving you the worst information possible. I've been down that road twice and I'm still here to annoy the heck out of my dh.

My best advice is take a good book. They will likely get a consultant to see you to cross reference the referal information to the actual breast, send you for a mammogram, possibly an ultra sound and a biopsy if the find something dubious. None of it really hurts, bit uncomfortable but that's it. If you have someone to go along with you for company even better.

If you have questions write them down, there tends to be an information overload and you forget to ask the simple stuff.

Here anytime you want to chat. Fingers crossed, sending gentle hugs

MummyKnipe Mon 30-Sep-19 09:48:52

I didn't go to Dr Google first, for the first 3-4 weeks I didn't tell anyone. I told my best friend and she told me to tell my husband.. He got me down the doctors and here we are..

I got an appointment on Saturday for outpatients clinic but I don't know what. I'm so nervous.

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