Panic over Breast Lump

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FridaysChild79 Mon 23-Sep-19 11:30:53


Just wanted to reach out here to see what people think I should do or what options I have... I went to the doctors on the 12th September with a large lump in my left breast. I only found it due to being in worsening pain through my breast, armpit and shoulder. I checked and found a lump on the 11th September and went to see doctor the next day. I was referred as an urgent case to the one stop breast clinic at Glan Clwyd Hospital (i'm in North Wales) I heard nothing and today I called up the clinic appointments to be told that the earliest an appointment might be is the middle of October! That would make it a full month and in Wales the wait is only meant to be 10 days!! I'm stressing like mad and now in a state of panic as i'm in fairly constant pain. I'm wondering if i should wait and attempt to put it to the back of my mind (not really sure i can do that) or find out if i can go private. Has anyone done this for breast lumps? any advice or just reassurance welcome x

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UncomfortableSilence Mon 23-Sep-19 17:20:41

I want to my GP last Wednesday and have an appointment this Wednesday, no lump but a lot of pain in one breast.

I don't know where you stand if they can't see you within the required time frame but my closest Nuffield does see you for this but I'm not sure of the cost, worth a call to find out.

FridaysChild79 Mon 23-Sep-19 19:30:55

Hi UncomfortableSilence, Thanks for the reply. Thats amazing speed for a referral. I'm in Wales and we have a lack of consultants in many hospitals and lots of patients to be seen so i guess they can only see as many as the consultants can cope with. I've called round all our local private hospitals and I now have an appointment at a one stop private breast clinic on the Wirral on Wednesday morning. I'm so relieved. they will do it all on the same day and will be able to put my mind at rest or refer me back into NHS if i need more treatment. We are really lucky that we can afford to go down the private route for diagnosis at least. The nice guidelines state you shouldn't wait longer than 10 days to be seen by a consultant after referral, I don't think my mental health would be very good if i had waited a month to see someone. Fingers crossed for good news for us both on Wednesday.

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UncomfortableSilence Mon 23-Sep-19 19:39:41

Glad you've got an appointment, I'm in London and it's a 2 week referral here although like you I would happily pay if needs be.

Hope the appointment goes well smile

BlackeyedGruesome Wed 25-Sep-19 07:57:34

Remember that 90% of lumps are not cancer. Of the remaining 10% lots of people get better. ( I did not Google that bit as I wanted to wait for the appointment)

Take someone with you, there is s lot of waiting, in the NHS anyway.

Good luck.

UncomfortableSilence Thu 26-Sep-19 05:30:57

How did you get on FridaysChild?

Although I only had pain, the ultrasound showed a small solid lump which they have said is a Fibroadenoma, they took a biopsy to confirm this and have to wait 3 weeks for the results.

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