Can anyone tell me what this means on my maternity notes

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Namechangetoaskthis Sun 22-Sep-19 14:19:57

Hi all

Name changed as asked people irl and don't want to link previous posts.

Can anyone help me dicipher what this means it's stuck to my maternity notes, I've tried googling to no avail.

Many thanks in advance

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WreathsAndRopes Sun 22-Sep-19 14:25:20

Para 1 is that it's your first baby.
Top right looks like history to me - not sure about SSA but if it's history it'll be something you told them about

Namechangetoaskthis Sun 22-Sep-19 15:03:30

Ok thank you this will be my second birth and third pregnancy, my previous dc was low birth weight and failed to grow past 33 weeks and placenta lay low.

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BlackeyedGruesome Thu 26-Sep-19 09:15:11

Try writing down all the possible letters and see if you can Google to find a pregnancy related word. Or find a friendly midwife to ask.

TheyDoItOnPurposeLynne Thu 26-Sep-19 09:18:52

SGA = small for gestational age
P1 = you already have one child
The word beginning with B looks like a name so could be referring you to a consultant.
Maternity notes often have details of risk factors for this pregnancy based on the previous pregnancy/ health issues etc.

Namechangetoaskthis Fri 27-Sep-19 23:15:50

Thank you very much for your replies smile

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