Mastitis and pumping

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pollypacey Thu 19-Sep-19 09:32:56

I had a baby two and a half weeks ago. Can't get her to latch so have been pumping. I am, however, on my second bout of mastitis. It started as soon as my milk came in so I've been on antibiotics pretty much the whole time. Am scared it will come back as soon as this course finishes. Any tips on getting it to go away? Would it be better to switch to formula?

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Notverygrownup Thu 19-Sep-19 09:43:23

Oh bless you. Mastitis is horrible. You have done so well to keep pumping this time.

I had mastitis many times over the years that I was feeding. I was advised to try to go antibiotic free but to take a maximum dose of ibuprofen as soon as it started and then to feed, feed, feed from that side. The milk itself flows through the swollen ducts and has a healing effect. However, from memory, although I would start by pumping, it was only when the baby fed that that really helped, as their suck is so much more efficient.

Are you getting any help establishing little one's latch? Baby feeding cafe's/groups are amazing if there is one near to you, and there are great online support too, like Kellymom. I had huge problems establishing feeding at first, and swore by breast shells.

And if it is all too painful or if you can't sort it, please don't feel guilty if you need to switch to formula. Your little one needs a healthy mum.

Best of luck - and congratulations on your new little one flowers

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