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sistaaa Sun 01-Sep-19 21:13:29

Please is someone able to help?

I know I probably need to see a doctor but I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

I'm 23 and have been pregnant 4 times. I've had 3 misscarriage and one ectopic pregnancy. No live births as of yet.

I have always seemed more receptive than anyone else to have UTI's and more recently thrush however every time I have gone to the doctors recently it hasn't shown up on one of their tests however because I have all the signs they tend to still give me a course of antibiotics which obviously at the time is a great relief.

I'm just concerned I'm getting giving the wrong treatment as it keeps coming back, I've also been tested for STI's I don't have any and have only had 2 sexual partners.

Basically I'm concerned as this last week I have had another UTI / Thrush and I feel unwell. I've tried Canadian treatments however it doesn't seem to be going.

My partner has also explained that when we have had sex he feels like there is something up my vagina and stopping him fully entering. I have been feeling about swollen to. Has anyone else ever had this? Normally sex isn't a problem but recently it's become really uncomfortable ?

I'm becoming really concerned now that something might be wrong as I feel unwell in myself. Obviously I'll call the doctors tomorrow but they never seem to take me seriously and just prescribe antibiotics over the phone.

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kellyw1989 Mon 02-Sep-19 07:43:38

I’d definate speak to your gp and get a referral. How long has your partner mentioned this for just recently ? Sorry to ask but have you checked if you can feel anything ?

sistaaa Mon 02-Sep-19 10:56:23

@kellyw1989 just yesterday, no I haven't. Maybe I should try that then x

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Kyvia Mon 02-Sep-19 11:15:33

Sorry for your losses, OP, have you not had any referral or specific investigations for the recurrent miscarriages?

I’d ask to see a female GP, hopefully they will actually examine you, and consider a referral to a gynaecologist for some proper investigation of what’s going on.

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