I think there's something wrong with my thyroid

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Debbie01 Sat 31-Aug-19 01:16:58

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 3 years and I pretty much had all the symptoms you wrote down.
I didnt actually ask for the test, but the doctor ordered it since my mom has it and it's hereditary.
The test are called TSH & FREE T4. Ask the doctor for them, he should do them, specially if have private insurance.
Best of lucks!

NeurotrashWarrior Fri 30-Aug-19 20:03:53

My biggest noticeable symptoms are exhaustion, afternoon naps, constipation, memory, aphasia and executive function issues. Puffy ankles.

NeurotrashWarrior Fri 30-Aug-19 20:02:07

Honestly, just get a test from the dr on the nhs.

Also it's worth noting that many other issues and deficiencies can cause similar symptoms eg vit d. In fact, low iron, iodine and selenium can impact thyroid function as it's needed to support thyroid homeostasis.

Get a test done as early in the morning as you can cope with, and any future tests aim for around this time/ the morning.

GrannySquares Fri 30-Aug-19 07:57:57

Thank you for your replies everyone. I have used Medichecks in the past and it has been good so I will probably consider using it again as they only charge £75 for the complete full thyroid investigation.

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worriedaboutray Thu 29-Aug-19 17:28:57

The reason you may struggle is because there isn't enough evidence of benefit from it. Nothing more sinister than that.

The placebo effect ensures that thyroxine may make you feel better, but it doesn't mean there's anything wrong.

MargoLovebutter Thu 29-Aug-19 13:33:11

worriedaboutray sadly TSH is not a fully reliable indicator and the ranges in the UK are far less stringent than in other countries (https://bmcendocrdisord.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12902-019-0365-4). In Denmark to example, you would be considered hypothyroid with a TSH of 2.5 but in the UK you have to have a TSH of over 5 and even then you may still struggle to get Levo from your GP!

It seems the days of diagnosing using a patient's symptoms have past and a very rudimentary, dated and flawed test, the TSH, is used and simply isn't adequate. If it were, then all the pressure groups wouldn't exist!

worriedaboutray Thu 29-Aug-19 12:47:25

Try not to put too much stock in internet symptoms lists. The GP will offer you a thyroid test with the symptoms you've described and may add some more tests on.

Endocrinologists are very sceptical of the pressure groups who advocate adding on different expensive thyroid tests. TSH will indicate if you're hypothyroid, and they may do antibodies if your levels are unusual.

Don't panic about the fancy tests.


MargoLovebutter Thu 29-Aug-19 12:11:34

As Minx says it is important that you get a full thyroid blood test and don't let them palm you off with just TSH. You want to get thyroid antibodies, FT4 and ideally FT3, although I understand that UK labs have a huge resistance to doing this test, even when specifically requested by a doctor.

Also ensure that ferritin, B12, folate and Vit D are tested.

If you think you are being pied off by your GP, there are companies that will do tests for you for a fairly reasonable price. I've used Medichecks and Blue Horizon and have been able to do it all at home myself.

Also make sure you get a copy of all of the results yourself. GPs tend (obviously not all GPs and not always) not to flag anything to you that is really low, but just creeps inside the range.

If you want more help or suggestions there are two good sites: www.thyroiduk.org and www.tpauk.com

Minxmumma Thu 29-Aug-19 11:46:36


So go to your gp amd request a full thyroid function blood test - it's seperate to a full blood count usually. When the results come back get the actual numbers so you can see where you are in relation to the normal lab range.

I had my thyroid removed years ago. But prior to that I suffered from ridiculous fatigue, literally bone weary, very dry skin especially my legs, brain fog, overly emotional and teary, heavy periods and recurrent miscarriage.

It took a while but eventually they figured out my thyroid was clapped out and causing an immune response.

Fingers crossed you get some answers

GrannySquares Wed 28-Aug-19 14:12:35

I haven't got a clue whether there is or not, but I am beginning to think so. I have booked a routine doctors appointment as I know it is not an emergency. Every symptom I have are aiming towards having thyroid issues! Here are my symptoms I have:

- extremely tired even after having a full nights rest

- dry skin

- thin, brittle and coarse hair

- depression and feel lazy even though I want to keep busy and want to do things

- fatigue

- always needing to sit down

- sometimes can feel my heart in my chest beating away

- gain weight very easily

What symptoms did you all get with your thyroid? I'm worried that my doctor will not do a blood test to check. I had to have a Full blood count for another issue and they came
back fine.. would they test thyroid function in with that test?

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