Pms, period, pregnancy or other??????

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Vialarooski Mon 12-Aug-19 09:48:02


The last week and especially last few days o have been so unbelievably exhausted. I wake up after a full nights sleep, and feel like I have no energy, no concentration and no oomph.
I'm constantly hungry where as my usual appetite is quite small in comparison.
Also I have shortness of breath, a bit like when I try to yawn or sigh I can't do it properly which is sooo annoying! Ive been getting dizzy spells and just generally feel a bit out of sorts.
Ive woken up with headaches and had a bit of neck ache.

My little girl is 11 months and I stopped BF her about a month ago, and before that she was only having boob first thing and at night (day time she had formula). I haven't had my periods back since having her so am wondering, is it all my hormones returning and my period is coming? The week before all these symptoms began, I had cramping like you do before a period (also was quite discharge-y, sorry for TMI)!

The lack of energy thing is driving me mad, it feels the same as when I first fell pregnant, just zero motivation which is concerning me. I'm healthy size 10, I eat pretty healthy (I eat well but also don't deny myself treats 😂), I walk a lot and run when I can. I could drink more water but i don't ever feel dehydrated.

I suppose I'm wondering how it felt for others when they were expecting their first period after BF and baby?
I would be amazed if it was down to pregnancy as I'm always too bloody tired to perform, we obvs have had sex but defo not at it like rabbits. Plus, from what I've read, it's u likely you'll fall pregnant whilst breastfeeding.

Any advice or suggestions would be fantastic. I'm not sure it's worth bothering the doctors about...

Thanks in advance

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BuckingFrolics Mon 12-Aug-19 09:52:46

You'd be silly not to go to the doctors. You should be feeling better than that.

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