Stinging and sore down there

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MahnaMahna Mon 05-Aug-19 12:55:40


I’m at my wits end! Since the start of May I’ve had stinging around the outside of my vagina. It’s mostly after a wee.

I’ve been back and forth to my GP. They tested for thrush and BV in May which were negative. Negative STI tests in June. I’ve had 2 positive urine dip tests for a UTI, but they came back as negative from the lab.

The last couple of weeks it’s gotten worse and is now hanging around after I’ve been for a wee for a lot longer. It’s also never effected my sex life but suddenly its burning when my boyfriend and I try.

Does anyone know what it might be? I was anorexic for years and had no periods due to a lack of oestrogen, then I went on the implant and bled lots so had the mini pill alongside it. Wondering if it’s a hormonal thing with no oestrogen? So I’ve had the implant out, stopped the mini pill and started the combined pill.

It’s really getting me down now. Any advice or creams I can use?

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