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CanIhavedessertfirst Mon 29-Jul-19 20:34:19

I'm looking for experiences (and reassurance, I suppose) on my latest smear result as Google is just making me feel doomed.

I live in Wales and had my smear test two weeks ago, the first smear I've had since they introduced the HPV as a primary test. My result was positive for hpv but no cell changes detected, smear to be repeated in a year. Now I know it's a positive that no cell abnormalities have been detected, however I'm fearing the worst.

I have been with my husband for 6 years and slept with only him in those 6 years and I'm as sure as you can be that he has been totally faithful too. Does this mean I've had this virus for 6 years or more and my body hasn't been able to clear it in the 2 years that most viruses are cleared? Does this mean I'm likely to have another hpv positive result and see cell changes develop later on? I'm so confused, scared and upset. Doesn't help that I'm almost 32 and have read over 30 the hpv is likely to have been present longer and therefore more likely to cause issues.

I'm rambling now, but I am just so bloody scared!

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sausageface Mon 29-Jul-19 20:40:56

My very first smear test a few years ago showed borderline cell changes and positive for hpv. I too googled hpv (wasn't as much awareness at the time) and had convinced myself I'd caught an STI and I was doomed forever! This was far from the case though.
I was referred to the hospital (I guess due to the cell changes as well as the hpv) and she assured me that HPV cures itself, it will just take some people longer than others to clear (smokers and overweight people for example). Long story short over the space of around 2 years I think I was on 6 monthly appointments and then it eventually all cleared itself up and I've been on normal test cycles since. I was under 30 at the time so can't comment on the over 30's thing but honestly don't stress. They'll literally just keep a more regular eye until it clears up smile hope that's some help for you!

CanIhavedessertfirst Mon 29-Jul-19 20:45:30

@sausageface it does, thank you! I think Google just gives worst case scenarios and no personal experiences. I think anything like that is a huge shock and I'm holding onto the fact there were no cell changes and if they were to happen I'm being monitored more closely and hopefully in a year the hpv will be gone! I've told my husband about 100 times today that I wish I'd never had sex, haha.

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