Suspected miscarriage

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Cagedbird00 Mon 22-Jul-19 19:25:54


I found out I was pregnant last week after a year of trying. Last night I started cramping & spotting & throughout the night it turned into full bleeding & very bad pain. Went to my gp first thing who sent me to the hospital.

I am so upset by the dr at the hospital. They took my urine sample on arrival & when he came in he asked me to go over my symptoms, then said “are you pregnant?” I said “what?” And he repeated the question. I said “well I obviously think so or why would I be here?” (In the early pregnancy unit. He then checked my name to make sure he had the right notes & said “your pregnancy test today was negative. Did the nurse tell you that?” I was devastated.

This man was so abrupt & had no empathy. This was a much longed for pregnancy & he dismissed me like it was nothing. He said “it’s probably just a late period & you had a false positive on your test” & that it’s common and that was that. I’ve always been lead to believe a false positive is rare & false negative more common?

Let me just backtrack here, I have very regular cycles, never late. I’ve had none of my usual pre menstrual symptoms, have been trying to conceive, felt a little “off” so took a test & got a positive. I was on top of the world. I began cramping slightly a couple of days later but presumed it was implantation related. Never in my life have I cramped for 2 days before my period is due! Never before have I had the slow starting brown blood (that started last night) at the start of a normal period. I’ve never had such intense cramping all night & day with no easing. I really feel like It’s an early miscarriage & this dr has just dismissed me as though I’m so stupid & was never pregnant to begin with. I know my body!

I felt so humiliated. He gave me a number to call if the bleeding hasn’t stopped in 10 days. I just feel lost right now & like no one really cares what I’m feeling.

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ColdCottage Wed 24-Jul-19 00:15:11

Poor you. That is such a terrible way to be treated. I would report them to PALS.

Also I'm sorry for your loss. However short it was it was the start of something and your mind naturally wonders what the futures holds.

I hope you had some sympathetic after care from the nurses.

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