B12 and Vit D deficiency

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Laddie16 Thu 18-Jul-19 22:13:31

Hello! This week I’ve just took my last 50,000 unit vit D capsule that I’ve been on for 6 weeks and yesterday had my last loading dose of B12 injections, my question is to anyone who’s been in the same situation how long did it take for you to feel better? I’m probably being impatient but I’m just desperate to feel myself again. I’ve got to go back in 3 months to re test both again and for pernicious anaemia.

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CherithPonsonby Sun 28-Jul-19 00:44:29


HerRoyalNotness Sun 28-Jul-19 00:49:22

I guess it depends if you can absorb vitB. I didn’t feel better. Injections got me up from below 300 to 700s, but then tailed off and starting reducing again. Down into the 200s. I don’t know what the answer is

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