Getting third Nexplanon inserted

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imtakingabath Tue 02-Jul-19 12:04:53

So I’ve had two Nexplanon implants previously, had it removed to TTC, now getting third inserted after having my first child.

When I had the second one removed, the nurse had trouble getting it out and I had to go back another time so a doctor could do it - I assume this was due to how the scar tissue had formed around the implant. Therefore I’m wondering if I should get the third implant inserted in my right arm rather than in my left again?

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Monkeybunkey Wed 03-Jul-19 15:20:01

I had scar tissue in my arm when I had my last one removed. Had the next one put in at the same time in the same arm with no issues. Can still feel a bit of scar tissue in that arm but nothing major.

imtakingabath Wed 03-Jul-19 15:34:16

Thanks @monkeybunkey that’s good to know!

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