Health Insurance post childbirth

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Pippibede Wed 26-Jun-19 17:12:02


I went to my GP about pain during sex - turns out I may have scar tissue over old episiotomy scar which needs redoing - called my private health insurance to be told ' we don't cover anything related to pregnancy and childbirth!

I am neither pregnant nor about to give birth - infact my last child was born 17 years ago
If you have private health insurance please check for this - I am totally outraged that something 17 or 19 years ago is not being covered - so basically the insurance companies can refuse a claim on pretty much any gynae issue saying it is related to childbirth or previous pregnancies

Anyone got any advice? I just think it is SO wrong ( I get up to 5 years afterwards as would be a pre-existing condition but SEVENTEEN years later ??)

I really want to raise awareness of the crap from these Insurance companies against women!
Sorry for the rant angry

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