Coming off the pill symptoms?

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Moodgie Sat 22-Jun-19 07:53:24

Dear Ladies,
I came off the pill at the end of January/start of February. I didn’t have a period until the 4 June. It was light and was preceded by about 9 days of pelvic pain, side and back pain, some bloating, needing to pee but then peeing small amount and slowly. When the period came it all eased off, but when it finished I got the symptoms back. Pelvic pain, some cramping, back pain, the peeing issues, have to loosen my belt sometimes. It will be 2 weeks now since the period finished and the symptoms returned. I have an ultrasound at the end of July but I am hoping this is just my body readjusting to being off the pill. (I had a few month pill break a year and a half ago and everything was normal then though, period returned straight away). I am 40. Has anyone had any similar symptoms?
Thank you!

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Moodgie Mon 24-Jun-19 16:49:10

Anyone please?

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