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Bloodyfibroids Wed 05-Jun-19 13:29:08

Thought I might have more traffic here!

I'm 52 and 6 years ago was diagnosed with multiple fibroids following heavy bleeding during and between periods. Due to their location they could not be removed, only trimmed down.

I've had 2 surgeries for this, the last one nearly 3 years ago where extensive trimming was done. However, I was warned it may need repeating in the future as the buggers have a habit of growing back!

During my first surgery, a mirena coil was put in but it was a disaster - acne & constant spotting for 9 months. I had it removed and, despite my age, went back on the combined pill (cilest) which I'd been on most of my life, apart from TTC. I had a couple of natural cycles between the mirena and the pill and they were heavy and less than 3 weeks apart, I couldn't cope with that! My cycles when TTC were 28-30 days so I'm guessing the shorter cycles was a sign of the menopause? With the pill, periods are still very heavy and clotty but only once a month and I can plan around them.

However, last couple of months I've started bleeding before the end of my pill pack (currently flooding!), a sure sign of more treatment being required.

Hysterectomy was discussed in the past but dismissed as I was told fibroids would likely disappear due to menopause which, due to my age, must be imminent. Keyhole is not an option for me so extensive recovery time would be needed which I don't have time for. I also have too many fibroids for ablation to be an option. However, surely the pill is suppressing the menopause and possibly even encouraging the fibroids the grow due to the estrogen?

I'm wondering whether to have another surgery and come off the pill, let the menopause happen, and hopefully the fibroids will disappear for good?

I will obviously go back to my gp & consultant for advice but wondered if, in the meantime, anyone had any experience of this or advice?

Many thanks if you got this far!

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ScreamingValenta Wed 05-Jun-19 16:59:36

I had fibroids along with endo and adenomyosis - the only thing that worked for me was a hysterectomy. I had to have an abdominal op but my recovery time wasn't too bad - I was back at work after seven weeks, and I was only really 'laid up' for about a fortnight. The tiredness afterwards was the worst thing.

A hysterectomy in my view was better than going back and forth trying this and that while being in constant pain. I would say it's worth exploring the option if other avenues just aren't working.

Bloodyfibroids Thu 06-Jun-19 07:01:28

Thanks - kind of wish I'd taken the plunge a few years ago but I didn't want to take that length of time out. It would be even more of a problem now unfortunately! Completely stopped bleeding now after few hours of heavy bleeding. From past experience it'll be stop/start. My withdrawal bleed is due in a few days anyway, such fun!

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