Faint positive or evap line? Confused!

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Brain06626 Thu 01-Aug-19 05:27:39

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TwistyTop Thu 01-Aug-19 05:21:39

What on earth do they mean by evidence? Does the GP mean that you need a blood test to confirm the pregnancy? In which case, is not normally your GP who would request the test?

SuzieQQQ Thu 01-Aug-19 05:14:21

Congratulations! I felt crappy as well in early pregnancy. I hope everything works out for you OP 😘

MilleeMollyMandie Fri 31-May-19 13:31:56

I think you can find the community midwives office number on the website and they should be able to help you x

dreamerkr Fri 31-May-19 11:20:19

I live near Dudley Road, and yeah City Hospital is the hospital I always go to when I need to. Is that your hospital too? Did you self refer?

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MilleeMollyMandie Fri 31-May-19 10:35:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dreamerkr Fri 31-May-19 10:29:33

But how would I show evidence to my GP? I’m so mad! The appointment was useless!

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1Wanda1 Fri 31-May-19 10:15:59


You don't have a booking in appt with the midwife until 8 weeks, due to the higher risk of miscarriage before then. You should be able to book the appointment for the week when you will be 8 weeks (counting from first day of last period), by calling your GP reception. At the booking appt, the midwife does all the "pregnancy" stuff like giving you your maternity notes and so on.

dreamerkr Fri 31-May-19 09:59:50

So annoyed. I had a GP appointment this morning and they did literally nothing. He only checked my blood pressure and said it’s normal, as I’ve been having heart palpitations. I had a pregnancy urine test done at the walk in centre which too was positive, and the GP is still saying he needs evidence before he can refer me. I showed him the positive pregnancy tests I took but apparently they don’t count as evidence. He needs a ‘note’ or something. Idk. What a waste of time.
Is there any way to self refer to a midwife? I live in Birmingham, England btw.

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dreamerkr Thu 30-May-19 16:26:55

Thank you 😊 I hate these cramps though! I feel like my period is coming!

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LittleAndOften Thu 30-May-19 15:39:41

No such thing as a false positive. You can only have a positive result when you're producing hcg, and you only produce it when you're pregnant.

Pinkstars2501 Thu 30-May-19 15:35:30


dreamerkr Thu 30-May-19 09:04:56

I still don’t believe it. Can these all be false positives? Is it possible? I’ve heard that clearblue tests may be wrong...

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dreamerkr Wed 29-May-19 23:03:20

Of course I know, but what’s the chance of getting pregnant without ejaculation? A teeny tiny chance. I’m happy if I’m pregnant, but I don’t believe that I am! Gonna take a clearblue digital test first thing tomorrow morning and then we’ll see. I have a feeling that too will be positive, but I still won’t believe it because I don’t feel pregnant lol
Except for the cramps. I feel like I’m about to start my period, that’s why I don’t believe it

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Sidge Wed 29-May-19 21:54:25

He doesn’t need to ejaculate for you to get pregnant.

dreamerkr Wed 29-May-19 21:36:08

I don’t know how it’s possible though! I too think they’re positive but I don’t feel pregnant at all... and tmi, but the hubby didn’t come inside me even once this month. I’m so confused! And I still feel like my period will start at any second. Bought a clearblue digital and will take it tonight...
idk how it’s possible though. Not once did he finish inside....

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PeachQueen Wed 29-May-19 21:19:47

Defo positive. Get a first response. They're normally the best:,

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Wed 29-May-19 21:18:47

Evap lines are generally greyish rather than pink. They both look positive to me

dreamerkr Wed 29-May-19 21:14:14

I took both of these

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dreamerkr Wed 29-May-19 21:08:10

Do these look positive, or like evap lines? I showed my best friend and she says they’re def positive but idk... I can’t be pregnant. I want to be, but it’s not possible

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