Endometriosis after c section

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RC10 Mon 13-May-19 16:43:56

Does anyone have any experience of endometriosis but only after a c section? I plan to go to the dr because of my symptoms and just a general feeling that somethings not right. But I really want to hear about other people’s experiences/symptoms?

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drunkenflamingo2 Tue 14-May-19 08:20:08

Also following. I had a c section 18 months ago and now sex is very painful and my periods are horrendous. I've been to the doctor who has run all of the basic tests (STDs, bloods, smear, examination) which have all come back fine so have been referred to gyne and now waiting for an appointment.

TheFirstOHN Wed 15-May-19 20:55:31

I think any surgery on the womb can increase the chance of getting adenomyosis in the future.

Charlzie12 Fri 14-Jun-19 10:26:05

Hi ladies!
I have had a c section 8 weeks ago and pretty much since about a week after been having a strange pelvic pain and pain when I go for a number 2 (sorry tmi)..
Doctor at my 6 week check said it sounds like things just healing up (fobbed off) but something just doesnt feel right. Unsure whether possible Endo or prolapse. Did you see the doc about your symtoms?
What were your symptoms?
Hope you're getting on okay! X

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