Mirena Coil fitted tomorrow

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Clarke45 Sun 12-May-19 08:43:10

I am having a coil fitted tomorrow and I am a little apprehensive about it. Will it hurt? What can I expect? Any advice/help gratefully received!

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RamsayBoltonsConscience Sun 12-May-19 08:50:19

It's not a comfortable procedure but it's not horrendous. I had a hysteroscopy before mine was put in so it's difficult to remember exactly how uncomfortable the coil fitting was but no worse than some period cramps. I've had mine for four years and it's the best thing I've ever done, I wish I'd had it fitted 15 years ago. I'm definitely having it replaced next year. Good luck xx

RamsayBoltonsConscience Sun 12-May-19 08:51:11

Just remembered, take a couple of painkillers before you go - it will help.

Whatnextfred Sun 12-May-19 08:51:39

Take some paracetamol and ibuprofen a couple of hours before

Clarke45 Sun 12-May-19 09:03:43

Thank you for the advice, I will make sure I have some painkillers with me to take before. I have been on the pill but fed up of taking it so thought I would try something else!

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Maybebaybe Thu 16-May-19 16:35:04

How did it go? And how has it been since? I will be having one fitted in a few weeks but under General anaesthetic so I suppose I'm wondering what the pains and settling in period have been.

SBeckett Thu 20-Jun-19 21:31:40

I got one under GA 8 weeks ago, worst decision ever. Never ending cramps, acne, spotting and misery. I'm going to get it out asap.... if rather run the risk of the problems I was having, the cure is 1000% worse than the problem.

Redgirl7 Mon 01-Jul-19 15:02:44

Hi how was the coil fitting? I had a copper coil fitted 6 years ago and found it painful. I still suffered heavy periods and pelvic pain that got worse and had it taken out 3 years ago. Had a mirena inserted last year under GA as had other procedures done. So far so good. Light periods and no period pains

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