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firsttimemummy11 Thu 18-Apr-19 20:15:10

I think I might have a prolapse... But not sure?!

I had a baby almost a year ago and had a tough recovery as my episiotomy wound took 5 months to heal!!! So the thought of having someone look at my bits (again!!!) doesn't sound appealing so maybe you lovely lot can help before I go to the doc for nothing!

I can feel a slight bulge there, but when I look in the mirror (while lying down) it doesn't look like anything is sticking out... when I'm walking it sometimes feels like a tampon is about to fall out?! I don't have any pain with sex or any other issues down there so I'm not sure if it's just a side effect from my awful birth and recovery or if it's a prolapse .... anybody got any advice or had anything similar?

Thank you for reading my long story...

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Muma1989 Thu 18-Apr-19 22:31:56

Firstly, congratulations on becoming a mum! I too had an episiotomy for my second baby just over four years ago and had a long recovery.
About 3 months after her birth I discovered that I had a bladder prolapse which I found really hard to get my head around.
I had all the symptoms you describe.
My advice to you would be to seek out a women’s health specialist physio to get treated. Many prolapses can be made significantly better with the right physio, they really know their stuff and will show you the right exercises to do and give you some great advice. I found the GP really unhelpful as they’re not specialists in this area.
Try not to freak out, it’s obviously not ideal but with the right help and advice you can drop it getting any worse and even make it go away.
Best of luck, PM me if you want to, I’ve been there.

firsttimemummy11 Mon 22-Apr-19 07:28:23

Thank you so much for your response and comforting to know someone else has gone through it! Xx

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Podunk12 Fri 26-Apr-19 21:29:53

Def sounds like a prolapse. After my first baby my symptoms were the same as yours. After my second 4 years ago they got worse. Just had surgery to repair rectocele. Most times unless it’s causing issues they don’t operate. Mine started to cause bathroom issues and my episiotomy scar reopened. Always a good idea to get it checked out as there are ways to manage it. Best of luck!

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