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Avalon2191 Thu 18-Apr-19 08:40:28

Hi all,

I’m after abit of advice. After some abnormal bleeding, a colposcopy and 2x biopsies I was diagnosed with CIN3 (severe abnormal cells). Thankfully I was able to go private and had surgery the day after my results. I had the a Cone LLETZ procedure under general. My doctor told me after surgery that he cannot rule out that it has already progressed to cervical cancer and it is in the hands of pathology. The 10 day wait for the results was torture, obviously. I had my results on Tuesday morning prepared for the worst however thankfully there was no cancer found, just CIN3 with extensive crypt involvement. I have clear margins and they removed all the abnormal tissue. I was very shocked to hear my doctor actually tell me on Tuesday he was very worried himself and he thought it had already progressed from what he saw.

My doctor told me that he initially thought he would take less than 1cm of my cervix however he had to take over 2cm! shock I read about the risks of this, and he explained to me I will definitely need a cervical stitch when I become pregnant as I only have about 1cm of my cervix left. He told me not to worry too much I will just need to be closely monitored.

Has anyone had this procedure and if so what was your future pregnancies like? Did you give birth early? He has told me it’s likely I will give birth before 37 weeks even with a cervical stitch.

I am only 28, I have a 15 month old but definitely want more children so I am very interested to know how any of your future pregnancies went. I am unable to give birth vaginally due to pelvic injuries from a car crash when I was a teen. My son was born by planned c-section and perfectly healthy. This adds to my worries as if I did go into labour early I imagine it would need to be an emergency section.

Let me know your experience please!

Thanks so much x

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ElyElyOy Fri 19-Apr-19 20:18:13

I had a very short cervix left after the same happened to me, and I was also told I would need a stitch. However when I was eventually pregnant with my son (about 8 years later) I didn’t and my cervix remained a good length (although it was checked every few weeks). The same happened to my friend and she also didn’t need a stitch.

I was told that if I had ended up having a stitch it would be removed around 37 weeks and it wouldn’t necessarily cause earlier labour because a shorter cervix can be stronger than a longer one.

Wizzywoodoodah Tue 28-May-19 19:19:56

I just wanted to put your mind at rest- fortunately you should be monitored for any cervical shortening in the first couple of months of pregnancy as you have been identified as at risk of a short cervix. This will be done by an interval ultrasound where they will mimic any kind of weight/pressure on the cervix. If any buckling or shortening can be seen then you will be booked in for a cerclage (stitch). I had mine put in at 20 weeks with after weeks of begging to be properly assessed with an internal ultrasound, the pregnancy felt weird 2nd time around and no-one seemed bothered as to why. hmm
My stitch was a rescue one, a last ditch attempt to save a very short and weak cervix of 1.3cm, and I was signed off work. I put myself on bed rest, and my daughter was born at 38 weeks, a very healthy 8lb girl. I was so fortunate that the consultant who did my stitch was a complete legend.
The stitch was removed at 35 weeks, I was booked in for a c-section at 39 weeks, which was the earliest gestation the local health trust would allow elective c-sections to be booked at. I went into labour naturally and really needed the section, as DD was huge, stuck and labour progressed rapidly due to my weak cervix.
If you are high risk, the stitch is likely to be put in at 13-15 weeks. Which is when it needs to be in place, before any major changes can take place to the cervix. Please take comfort in the fact that you are being monitored- half the battle is getting cervical incompetencey diagnosed.
Please feel free to ask any questions, it must be so daunting a prospect for you. The stitch really does work. flowers

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