Marital rape

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LuluBellaBlue Thu 18-Apr-19 17:06:13

It’s sounds awful and I’m so sorry.
Just a thought, if you move this to another area, relationships perhaps there will be more people seeing it and responding.
I don’t know what to suggest but here to handhold flowers

Rainbownelly1974 Thu 18-Apr-19 12:08:09

Cafcass asked our 3 children who they wanted to live with and my youngest said he wanted to stay with me as his dad had hit him when he soiled himself due to a bowel condition but the girls were "bought" as he got them whatever they wanted and I was going through a rough time, the children don't know what he had been doing over the last few years but I had the courage to report but now I wish i hadn't as the abuse was easier to cope with than what's happened now,
The judge granted shared care with my ex having majority but now I hardly see my girls as he's told them I am a bad person for leaving him

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endofthelinefinally Thu 18-Apr-19 09:57:44

This is awful OP.
I would suggest you post in relationships and Legal for good advice.

LuluBellaBlue Thu 18-Apr-19 09:57:21

I’m so sorry OP flowers
What were the grounds for them taking your daughters?

Butterflyone1 Thu 18-Apr-19 09:55:22

I'm very sorry you've had to go through this.

Are you able to appeal the decision for them to take your daughter? I'm sorry I don't have any experience with Cafcass.

I think rarely there is much evidence with rape and I'm disgusted this hasn't been dealt with properly.

I hope you have people around to support you.

Rainbownelly1974 Thu 18-Apr-19 05:12:54

I reported my exh for having sex with me whilst I was asleep and it's the worst thing I've ever done as he's now taken away my daughters thanks to Cafcass as the police dropped the charges due to lack of evidence and I'm finding it so hard to cope

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