Hand hold please - found a lump

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VelociraptorRex Mon 15-Apr-19 11:27:36

I've done the sensible thing, gone to the GP as soon as I found it, and she said she doesn't think it's anything to worry about, but has still referred me to the breast clinic urgently. I'm so scared, I'm not even 40 yet, what happens next? I'm trying not to panic but it's so hard, can someone hold my hand please?

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SpongeBobJudgeyPants Mon 15-Apr-19 13:23:54

I don't know what happens next, but I'll hold your hand for you. Someone who knows will hopefully be along before too long x

Samind Mon 15-Apr-19 13:27:56

Happened me a few years ago. Turned out it was a complex cyst. Went to hospital where they done an ultrasound and then drained it after determining it was a cyst.

Hope you're ok OP! Have you anyone you can twkj to about this? Or go with you?

VelociraptorRex Mon 15-Apr-19 13:56:58

Thank you! I'm trying to be all sensible about it but I'm a wibbling mess inside! DP is very good and will come with me to the appointment when I get one, but other than being there he's a bit squeamish and rubbish about anything that involves me being poorly! I don't really have any female relatives I can talk to, or friends I'm close enough to, my mum is long dead unfortunately. I'm winding myself up thinking of the worst sad

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ladyflower23 Mon 15-Apr-19 21:03:40

Hi OP. I'm in the same boat as you. Found a lump (more like a hard area than a lump actually) so went to GP who thinks it's hormonal, but been referred to breast clinic as can't tell 100% by a physical exam alone. He was really reassuring and said its just the pathway they have to follow with breast lumps and vast majority are benign. Hopefully that helps to reassure you! When I was BF my first DC i had a huge lump develop in my breast very quickly which Dr was definite was caused by BF but i still got referred to the breast clinic. They examined me, did an ultrasound and it was a huge cyst as GP had said so they drained it. Bit more nervous this time as know it's not BF related but know most likely outcome is it will be something benign. Do you have date for your appointment yet?

VelociraptorRex Mon 15-Apr-19 21:45:18

Thank you, scary isn't it? No not yet, the gp wasn't sure if they'd phone me today or tomorrow though. She also thought mine was bf related - I only stopped in January after nearly 3 years hmm I've also been told by a friend in a medical capacity that it might be hormone related, it's quite linear and mobile so I'm trying to stay calm. Have you got an appointment date?

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ladyflower23 Mon 15-Apr-19 22:10:30

Not yet, I saw GP on Weds and he said I should hear about appointment by Weds this week, so hoping to get contacted tomorrow or i will have to chase up. Really just want to have a date! Sounds as though we may both find out tomorrow. Let me know when you hear and I will do likewise and we can hold hands smile

pickletickled Mon 15-Apr-19 22:24:07

I've just been to the breast clinic last week OP My second time there in 4 years and I'm 40. Both times I have been sent under the rapid referral and pretty much bang on 14 days, from seeing my GP to attending the clinic.
When you arrive you'll be seen by a breast specialist consultant or nurse. They'll examine you and decide what next.
This could mean - mammogram, ultrasound scan of breast. Possible biopsy done there and then too.
They try their best to get all tests needed and give you the results straight away. Be prepared you could be there a good few hours.
Worth noting - at the clinic I attend Husbands and male partners are welcome to go with you however for some tests they are not allowed in those area's - as women are sat in a hospital gown covering their top halves so for obvious reasons - no males allowed. They can go back in with you for results though.
Good luck all having to attend x

TwitterQueen1 Mon 15-Apr-19 22:35:04

An 'urgent referral' is standard practice in order to get you on the two-week pathway for lumps and bumps. It doesn't mean you have cancer, it just means it warrants further investigation and the dr is doing due diligence. The vast majority of lumps are not cancerous so try not to worry. You are in good hands.

NotOnTheBench Mon 15-Apr-19 22:38:08

Agree with TwitterQueen1 and others. Try not to worry. There's nothing to worry over until the results say so.

The urgency is only because that's just the procedure they follow.


VelociraptorRex Tue 16-Apr-19 08:50:30

Thank you all, that's very reassuring. I had been warned the clinic might be a long appointment, I suspect a mixture of boring waiting and frightening? The GP was lovely and did stress that it's procedure and not to panic, but it's hard not to!
@pickletickled thanks for you that sounds very stressful and worrying having to do it so often?

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Squeegle Tue 16-Apr-19 08:54:09

Try not to worry, I have been twice in the last 4 years. Mammogram and scan. One time I had a cyst which they removed, and the second time it was nothing untoward. It is worrying but you are going to the right place to get anything sorted. It’s good that they put us through so quickly; it is the waiting and worrying which is the worst.

Squeegle Tue 16-Apr-19 08:54:50

By the way, they removed the cyst by fine needle aspiration, completely painless and very quick.

LittleChristmasMouse Tue 16-Apr-19 08:56:00

I had this after stopping breast feeding. Was referred under 2 week wait. I was at the clinic a long time - saw dr then had a mammogram and ultrasound and then back in to see the dr.

It was all fine. Just changes caused by breast feeding. Hopefully you get the appointment through really quickly.

MrsMozartMkII Tue 16-Apr-19 08:58:36

A handhold from me lass.

VelociraptorRex Tue 16-Apr-19 09:28:24

Thank you, you are all lovely smile the GP did mention a long medical word (which I was in no state to remember) which apparently is something to do with changes in tissue from breast feeding. She also mentioned a possible needle confused

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ladyflower23 Wed 17-Apr-19 18:01:25

Hi @VelociraptorRex how are you feeling now? Have you had your appointment come through? Got mine in the post today. It's been arranged for Weds next week but I can't arrange childcare so going to have to call the hospital to reschedule it. Frustrating to have to wait longer. Just want to get it over and done with sad

VelociraptorRex Wed 17-Apr-19 18:41:12

Oh @ladyflower23 that's rubbish sad how are you feeling? no, nothing yet, I phoned them today (I need to organise childcare too), but the person who deals with it was at another site apparently, they haven't phoned me back yet.

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VelociraptorRex Wed 17-Apr-19 18:41:50

And I have been very productive doing jobs, gardening and reading MN to keep my mind off it!

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ladyflower23 Wed 17-Apr-19 19:00:51

Ha Ha yes I've been spending a lot of time on Mumsnet too! I'm ok. I know it's very much in my favour to be a hormonal thing but I do have that nagging thought in the back of my head of what if it's not. Also I'm quite paranoid they won't be able to find the lump and say there's nothing there and I will have to stay paranoid not knowing what it is!

curlyLJ Wed 17-Apr-19 19:18:02

I would say it's most likely related to breastfeeding. I had similar when I was still feeding, i knew it wasn't a blocked duct as I'd had lots of those. It really freaked me out.
2 hours in the breast clinic and it was all sorted - drained with a needle and pretty painless.
Hope you get an appointment soon OP.

VelociraptorRex Wed 17-Apr-19 21:09:46

Thank you @curlyLJ, that's reassuring, especially the painless bit!!
@ladyflower23 it's hard not to disappear down that paranoid rabbit hole isn't it, I'm desperately trying not to think the worst!

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MinnieMountain Thu 18-Apr-19 07:25:08

The chances are that it's nothing.

Be prepared for lots of waiting around. Clinics I've been to do examination, mammogram, ultrasound and needle biopsy. So waiting each time to see a different person.

ladyflower23 Thu 18-Apr-19 09:15:41

Well I called this morning and have changed appt to Monday 29 April. I looked through the leaflet that was enclosed with the letter, and found another letter tucked inside that said due to national shortage of radiologists they are understaffed so if they decide I should have an ultrasound at the physical exam then I will need to come back another today for that shock

VelociraptorRex Thu 18-Apr-19 09:31:42

Oh no, hopefully the physical will show that you don't need an ultrasound then. I've just had my appointment through for next Thursday, I think I'm more nervous now than I was before. Glad they warned me not to wear spray on deodorant - I wouldn't have even thought not to.

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