Please help me with my cup

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LadyGAgain Sun 14-Apr-19 20:40:57

Please can I ask for some advice. I did the quiz test thing mentioned above and a few days later the fleurcup arrived. I've used tampons forever but fed up of the dryness and the wet string etc.

I have tried to fold and insert. The rim is so thick. It pops open and then is outside again. It's painful to insert. What am I doing wrong? I've watched YouTube etc and tried this in the shower over and over again. And now I hurt .

What can I do?

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Watto1 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:44:07

Try running it under the tap so it’s not bone dry when you insert it. Also try when you have a heavy flow while you are getting used to it. It took a while for me to get used to my mooncup but I love it now! I wish I had discovered it years ago.

Watto1 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:47:01

Also, have you tried the ‘punch down’ fold? Ie, fold it into a C shape and push the inner curve down. I have only ever had a mooncup so not sure if it will work for your cup but I find that fold easier.

LadyGAgain Sun 14-Apr-19 20:47:20

Thank you! I've been trying in the (hot) shower. I feel so annoyed that I'm unable to use one. Arghhhh!!

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cheeseandcrackers Sun 14-Apr-19 20:47:38

Make sure the stem is cut to the right length, if it is too long it'll be much harder to insert and more uncomfortable. It takes a little while to get used to how to fold it but is absolutely worth persevering with

reallyanotherone Sun 14-Apr-19 20:48:02

You may need a softer one. I have a mooncup because that’s all there was when i bought mine. There is a knack to folding it and holding it just beneath the rim to insert so it doesn’t pop open.

Cups take practice. I’d say it took me a good six months before i had it cracked. Once you do though, it’s life changing. Or it was for me anyway smile

LadyGAgain Sun 14-Apr-19 20:49:25

Thanks both. I've done the c fold. And as soon as I insert it opens and pops out. I've tried to push and push but the same result.

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LadyGAgain Sun 14-Apr-19 20:50:11

Also. Why does the stem affect the position? I appreciate it might not allow for comfort

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LadyGAgain Sun 14-Apr-19 20:51:50

Ah ok. So there's softer ones?

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DancerDan Sun 14-Apr-19 20:58:53

If it's making you sore try again in a few hours or in the morning, otherwise it gets really uncomfortable and frustrating Voice of experience
My mooncup took a while to get used to, I love it now. There's different folds, I'm presuming that's the same for fleur.

Craftycorvid Sun 14-Apr-19 21:00:09

I never used the cup you mention, but used a ‘keeper’ (that’s what they were called) then a mooncup. As PPs have said, they do take practice. Persevere! Once you get used to them they are great. I found that keeping a good pinch on the folded cup whilst inserting it is helpful. Give it a gentle tug or twist once inside. Good luck!

Orangepear Sun 14-Apr-19 21:03:21

I use lubricant around the rim or I can't get mine in. I don't know what the fold I use is called, but you sort of fold one side into the centre, then pinch the sticking up side together to make a point. I had to persevere a lot, I couldn't get it out either! Leave it for now and try again next month.

Thebookswereherfriends Sun 14-Apr-19 21:45:21

I tried mooncup to start with and found it horribly hard and couldn’t get on with it. I then bought a Diva cup and it’s a much softer one. Could be that you just need to try a different brand.

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