Cystitis - private urine tests

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TP450 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:28:32

Hi everyone,

I have always suffered with cystitis on and off since I was a teenager. Ever since the new year I have been suffering. Loads of samples have been done at my doctors surgery and sent off to the lab and nothing shows. I have done some research and discovered that the NHS urine testing has not changed since the 50s and misses up to 50% of infections, due to them being “low grade”. I know there is an infection present, as when I am given antibiotics, it clears up for a short while. A few days after coming off of them, it back. I am not getting a strong enough course to clear the infection fully.

My question to you ladies is, I have seen that you can send your urine off to private labs at a cost of about £60 to be tested. Has any one got any experience with this? I am happy to pay the £60 for some answers, but dont want to do it if I will get the same answers. If you have had results, can you let me know what lab you used?

I have been referred to urology (again. I had all the tests done about 10 years ago) and have ordered some D Mannose as have heard some really good things about it.

Thanks in advance


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