4 weeks spotting - mirena?

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RaspberryCola Sun 14-Apr-19 18:49:24

I’ve no clue where to ask except the docs and I really hate the doctors so here we are!

I have the mirena, have done for just over a year. Had one after DD1, then removed to have DD2 and replaced after she was born. Zero issues and no periods while on it (only ever had light cycles before it anyway, but I can’t take the pill).

I started light spotting (pink/bright red) randomly on the 2nd to last week of March, not exactly sure the date. Now it’s been almost 4 weeks and it hasn’t stopped. I have mild cramps. Nothing that seems like an infection, all clean and nothing gross going on (sorry TMI) I did a pregnancy yet just in case and obviously negative, no other issues, it’s just constant light discharge and mild cramps, and I’m pretty bloated too so I’m losing my appetite a bit (but not losing weight).

Is this just a random mirena thing? Can there be weird hormonal symptoms a year on? And can I avoid the dreaded doctors?

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