Hysterectomy at 30

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JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Mon 08-Apr-19 14:03:57


I'm having a hysterectomy on Friday and I'm just wondering how others have found the recovery, what might be helpful to have in hospital, clothing for afterwards etc

Thanks in advance

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justilou1 Mon 08-Apr-19 14:15:50

Hi there... I had one at 32. Are you having a full or partial hysterectomy? Are you having it via a laparoscopic surgery or pelvic surgery? I had mine via an abdominal section (like a c-section) and my recovery was very quick. I didn’t bleed after surgery (I didn’t after my two c-sections either, so I think it’s just me) and I was up and around the next day. I found yoga or harem pants were a godsend and high-waisted, cotton, Nanna knickers that didn’t rub on the scar were invaluable. You need to keep that area dry, so some body wipes are great to keep you fresh, usual toiletries, a bit of makeup, a couple of changes of clothes and shoes you can slip into, ie mules, Birkenstocks because you will be too sore for bending or doing up laces, etc for a few days. Some similar slippers, a couple of pairs of socks, couple of pairs of pajamas with either loose, high waist or some nighties, a dressing glow and iPad, phone, chargers and some treats!!!

justilou1 Mon 08-Apr-19 14:16:47

Oooooh! Cardigans rather than jumpers for the first few days... much easier than slipping things over your head!

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Mon 08-Apr-19 14:46:42

Thank you!

Laparoscopic and full hysterectomy.

Will nip to primark and grab some baggy trousers! I've got dresses but hadn't considered the lifting things over my head aspect!

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justilou1 Mon 08-Apr-19 14:58:21

Try not to carry too much in your bag, either. You won’t be doing too much in hospital. The first day or two you will literally be sleeping. Do you have someone to carry stuff for you? (I would leave jewellery at home, btw!)

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Mon 08-Apr-19 15:00:02

DP will carry things. And I've packed the DC off to their nan's for a week so that I can rest

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justilou1 Mon 08-Apr-19 15:07:56

Good luck, btw... I know that there is a lot of scary —-often false—- information out there about it, but it’s not that bad, you know! (I say that as someone who had a partial hysterectomy only though...) Chances are you have been through the wringer already with your health and once you get the hang of the new you, you will feel much better! I have never looked back since my uterus and I parted ways, and I certainly don’t feel like less of a woman because I no longer suffer from life-endangering complications on a monthly (or more frequent) basis.
I hope you have a speedy recovery, you get fabulous pain relief, kind medical staff and lots of support from your family and friends! X

MeganChips Mon 08-Apr-19 15:21:52

Good luck Jesus!

I’m having exactly the same thing tomorrow and soon we’ll be new women.

justilou1 Mon 08-Apr-19 15:41:24

Good luck to you as well, @Meganchips! I hope I’ve done my bit to allay a bit of the fear. X

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Mon 08-Apr-19 15:53:51

Good luck to you to!

Slightly worried about afterwards/HRT etc. But really just want the pain and bleeding to do one forever!

New life ready to start.

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JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Wed 10-Apr-19 13:47:48

@MeganChips how did it go? Hope you're not in too much pain

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MeganChips Wed 10-Apr-19 15:05:14

Hi OP, thanks for asking!

I’m ok, they had to do it as abdominal though as I had undiagnosed stage 4 endometriosis on top of everything else and abdominal was the only way.

They are very on the ball with painkillers, take everything you are offered and I’ll be thinking of you Friday.

JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam Wed 10-Apr-19 15:11:35

Oh gosh poor you!

My plan is just take all of the drugs to be honest!

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justilou1 Wed 10-Apr-19 23:25:35

Hi @Megan! You may find you recover remarkably well anyway. There’s less shifting around of inter bits and bobs with abdominal incision, and less risk of adhesions later - which is what you want to avoid with endo in particular. Just take the drugs, keep the wound clean and dry and look after yourself!
The scary bit’s over now!

MeganChips Fri 12-Apr-19 11:40:57

Thanks justilou1 🙂 I am home and feeling remarkably ok.

Thinking of you today OP, very best of luck!

justilou1 Thu 18-Apr-19 14:09:17

Hi @MeganChips & *@JesusDontWantMeForASunbeam*,
Sorry, I've had head in books doing assignments and being away on prac. I am glad your surgery went well and you feel pretty good, @Meg. I hope you're okay, too @Jesus. (Feels funny writing that so close to Easter!!!). It's not a barrel of laughs, but it's not as bad as some would have you think, is it?
Hope your recoveries are easy and you look after yourselves so that you can tell everyone that it's not nearly as bad as the reasons you had the surgery in the first place!!!
x J

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